1994-12-18 – Paul Oakenfold – Essential Mix (The Goa Mix)

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 18/12/1994 mixed by Paul Oakenfold

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Track Listings…

Part One
1. Give Me Life-Mr V. [Full Vocal Full Monty Mix]
2. Skin On Skin-Grace [Orange Mix]
3. Point Zero-Li Kwan
4. De Niro-The Disco Evangelists [The Spaceflight Remix]
5. The V.S.-Virtual Symmetry
6. Tears In Rain-Vangelis
7. Eugina-Salt Tank
8. Floatation-The Grid
9. Only Love Can Break Your Heart-Saint Etienne
10. Vampire Hunters-Perfecto Symphony Orchestra
11. Alcatraz-Electrotete
12. L.S.D.-Hallucinogen
13. Resurrection-PPK [Robots Outro]
14. Blade Runner (Main Title)-Vangelis
15. Floor Essence-Man With No Name [Dayglo Mix]
16. Dubcatcher-Scorpio Rising [Oakenfold Instrumental Edit]
17. Evolution-Man With No Name
18. Adagio For Strings-Leonard Bernstein & New York Philharmonic
19. Mia-Oakenfold
20. Becoming Insane-Infected Mushroom

Part Two
1. Inner City Life-Goldie Presents Metalheadz
2. Love Remembered-Perfecto Symphony Orchestra
3. Co-Incidence-Voodoo People
4. Stimuli-The Infinity Project
5. Reach Up!-Perfecto AllStarz
6. Wake Up-Trance Team
7. Sex Style-Astrix
8. Schoneberg-Marmion
9. Heretic Voices-V-Tracks [Angeles Remix]
10. Hierophone-Karl Biscuit
11. Rachel’s Song-Perfecto Symphony Orchestra
12. Sun-Virus [Oakenfold/Osborne Mix]
13. Song Of Liberation-Para-Dizer
14. Deliverance-Man With No Name
15. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow)-Lisa Gerrard
16. Eternal Spirit-4Voice [Northern Mix]
17. Sugar Rush-Man With No Name
18. Southern Sun-Oakenfold [Carmen Rizzo Mix]


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