1993-12-18 – David Holmes – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 18/12/1993 mixed by David Holmes

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1993-12-18 – David Holmes – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Bandulu – Phaze In Motion
Plastikman – Electrostate
Corrugated – Elevate
Night Vision – Nuclear Sun
Space Frog – Close Encounters
Sunshower – Seven
Sundrums white label
Soundscape white label
Exit 100 – Circuits
Age – Seige Of Darkness
Peragon 1 – The Deliverer
Basic Channel – Phylyps Base Axis
Us Above The World – Trying To Reach You
World Sonic Domination – X-313
Artichoke – T-4
Acid Jesus – Jesus
LSG – Fragile
The Source – Mental Rider
Erection – Suck My Ding A Long
Mazdaratti – Fox Hunt
Inocybe – Inocybe EP

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