1994-01-08 – Andy Carroll & Paul Bleasdale (Cream) – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 08/01/1994 mixed by Andy Carroll & Paul Bleasdale from Cream

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1994-01-08 – Andy Carroll & Paul Bleasdale (Cream) – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Part One

Prolific feat. simone – ‘stay with me’
Smokin beats – ‘keep it comin’
Aretha Franklin – ‘pride’
Boomshanka – ‘gonna make you move’
Shy one – ‘another man’
Joey negro – ‘what a life’

Part Two

Deep 2 – ‘sphere’
Work – ‘villa ducato’
Reefer madness – ‘sonic skank’
Lee marrow and the love tools – ‘biggest dick’
Funky people – ‘funky explosion’
Itchy and scratchy – ‘u got me’
Ideal – ‘she’
Paz pooba – ‘dope beat’
Rachid taha – ‘voila voila’
House of zekkariyas – ‘secret star’
Moratto – ‘la pastilla del fuego’
The patrol – ‘give it up’
Atlantic ocean – ‘waterfall’
Joe roberts – ‘lover’
Lion rock – ‘lion rock’

Part three

Sons of bo dan – ‘tear the roof off’
Jump cutz vol. 2 – ‘hooked’
Hustlers convention – ‘hustlers party’
Young braves – ‘forever young’
Everybody – ‘tear it up’
Dynamic noise feat. Adreall – ‘Everybody jammin’
Cotton club – ‘dowatchawanna’
slo moshun – ‘bells of NY’

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