1994-04-16 – X-Press 2 – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 16/04/1994 mixed by Rocky, Diesel & Ashley Beedle (X-Press 2)

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Track Listings…

Le Funk Mob – “Tribulations Extra Sensorielles”
System VIII – “Underground”
Phuture Scope – “Touch Me Right”
Big Fun – “Stomp”
Phuture – “Spirit”
M&M – “I’m Hot For You”
The Question – “Everybody”
Sonar – “State of Panic”
Carl Craig – “Domina”
Erotic Moments – “Touch Me”
Chuggles – “Thank You”
M&M – “So Deep, So Good”
Wildtrax Vol. 4 – “Keep It Going”
Progression – “Reach Further”
Tonja Dantzler – “In and Out of My Life”
Basement Culture – “Native Stomp”
Erik Morillo – “Dancin”
M-People – “Movin On Up”
Speedy J – “Pepper”
Johnny Vicious – “Activator”
Ifrey Max – “Lockapellas Vol. 1”
3 Man Jury – “Digital Autopsy”
Fire Island – “There but for the Grace of God”
Pascal’s Bongo Massive – “Pere Cochon”
Giant – “Music”
NY Connection – “In Front Wan’ It”
Al Kooper – “The Axe”
Mindscape – “Two Three Break”
Le Funk Mob – “Tribulations Extra Sensorielles”
Sabres of Paradise – “Edge”
Sunz of Ishen – “Who Killed The King”
Marden Hill – “Hijack”
Emporer’s New Clothes – “Unsettled Life”
Delta Lady – “Swamp Fever”
Praise Space Electric – “Diggin at the Dig In”

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