1994-06-11 – Dave Clarke – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 11/06/1994 mixed by Dave Clarke

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1994-06-11 – Dave Clarke – Essential Mix

 Track Listings…

Drexciya – “Intro 8” (UR)
Freddie Fresh – “Analog 4” (Analog)
Drexciya – “Danger Bay” (UR)
Beltram – “Energy Flash” (Transmat)
Phase Phorce – “Complications” (DJax)
Felix Da Housekatt – “The Morning After” (Reload)
Esser’Ay – “Forces” (KMS)
X103 – “Atlantis” (Tresor)
Robert Hood – “Minimal Nation” (Axis)
Traxman – “Wet Floor” (Dance Mania)
Wonderboy – “Jerk It” (Nervous)
MD Connection – “Tracks That Move Ya” (Muzique)
Joey Beltram – “Drum Unit” (Trax)
K Hand – “Ready for the Darkness” (Acacia)
Technotika – “Tiger Trance” (Submerge)
Dr Kervorkian – “Aftermath” (Hardwax)
Jeff Mills – “The Extremist” (Tresor)
Jeff Mills – “Axis 009” (Axis)
DJ Hell – “3 Kelvin” (Magnorth)
Militia – “Sector 12” (Trancefusion)
R Gorl – “Erics Playing” (Disko B)
Vision – “A 472.D” (Hardwax)
Dave Clarke – “Red 2” (Bush)
BFC – “Galaxy” (Fragile)
M Plant – “The Protein Value” (M Plant)
Reese – “Funk Funk Funk” (Fragile)
Dave Clarke – “Red 1 [remix]” (Bush)
Pancake – “untitled” (Work)
Digital Poodle – “Output Expander” (Death Of Vinyl)
Fade It Black – “untitled” (white Label)
33rd Queen and a Guy Called Gerald – “Searchin” (Nugroove)
Tyree – “Acid Crash [Remix]” (Dance Mania)
Flash – “Fix” (KMS)
A.G.E. – “Trope” (A.G.E.)
Sulphrex – “untitled” (white label)
Jeff Mills – “Axis 009” (Axis)
BDP – “Necessary” (Jive)
X102 – “Rings of Saturn Intro” (Tresor)
Drexciya – “Intensified Magnatron” (Reflex)
DJ Skull – “NRG Music” (Saber)
Drexciya – “Bubble Chamber” (UR)
Model 500 – “Future” (Metroplex)
Sole Tech – “Unknown Origin” (Detretechno)
Erick Ud Broek – “Subsonic Soundscape” (Shiver)
Cybotron – “R9” (Fantasy)
Drexciya – “Positron Island” (UR)
Alkahest – “Intone” (Post Contemporary)
Leo Anibaldi – “Endurance” (ACV)
UR – “Final Frontier” (UR)
DJ T1000 – “The Real Shit” (Generator)

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