1994-07-02 – Pete Heller & Terry Farley (Junior Boys Own) – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 02/07/1994 mixed by Pete Heller & Terry Farley (Junior Boys Own)

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1994-07-02 – Pete Heller & Terry Farley (Junior Boys Own) – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

Ce Ce Rogers – “All Join Hands” (Atlantic)
The Beginning – “The Beginning” (Gemini)
The Leon Watts Project – “Africanism” (United Sounds Audio)
Norty Lotto – “Play Dis Shit” (Strictly Rhythm)
Spanish Socity – “Arriba” (Strictly Rhythm)
Face 2 – “Love You Too” (Vibe Music)
Erick – “Dancin” (Strictly Rhythm)
Buzzin Cussins featuring Romanthony – “Let Me Show You Love” (Azuli)
Joi Cardwell – “Trouble” (Eightball)
Junior Vasquez – “Nervaas” (Tribal)
Omega Man – “72 Nova” (Definitive)
The Good Men – “Make Up Your Mind” (Fresh)
KD Lang – “Lifted By Love” (Sire)
Solar Tribe – “The Solar Tribe EP” (Freeze)
Pierre’s Fantasy Club – “Dream Girl” (Hotmix 5)
Aphrohead – “In The Dark We Live” (Reload)
Up On Three – “Common Love” (Angel Eye)
Robert Owens – “Was I Here Before” (white label)
Black Science Orchestra – “New Jersey” (Junior Boys Own)
Roc & Kato – “Cherry Lips” (Unda Ground)
Junior Vasquez – “Get Your Hands Off My Man” (Tribal)
Michael Watford – “Love To The World” (East West)
No Pain – “Its Gonna Be Alright” (Hard Trax)
Grace Jones – “Feel Up” (Great Jones)
X-Press 2 – “Rock 2 House” (Junior Boys Own)
Ultra Nate – “How Long” (white label)
DJ Disciple – “Out On The Dancefloor” (Mother)

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