1994-07-30 – Patrick Smoove – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 30/07/1994 mixed by Patrick Smoove

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1994-07-30 – Patrick Smoove – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Speedy J – “The Fun Equations” (white label)
Kutz – “Volume 1” (Phat As Phuck)
Noel Watson 909 Project – “Holding Back” (Fresh)
Namby Pamby – “Girlz” (Tribal America)
Umosia – “Feeling High” (Red Cat)
DJ Pierre – “I Want You” (Emotive)
Total Ka-os – “If Ya Gonna Play” (Strictly Rhythm)
Yazz – “Calling 2 U” (Polydor)
Ride Committee – “Get Huh” (Phat As Phuck)
The S Man – “Time To Stop” (Hard Times)
Serious Rope – “Happiness” (Mercury)
Loopy – “The Theme” (Strictly Rhythm)
Ulterior Motives – “Have U Ever” (Knockout)
Black Science Orchestra – “Philadelphia” (Junior Boys Own)
Johnny Vicious vs MFSB – “T.S.O.P.” (Network)
The Boss – “Congo” (Cooltempo)
Michael Watford – “Love To The World” (East West)
Sabrina Johnston – “Satisfy My Love” (Champion)
Shawn Christopher – “Make My Love” (BTB)
Kim English – “Nite Life” (Hi-Life)
Androgeny – “I Could Be This” (Strictly Rhythm)
Dubble Dose – “Make Me Feel Good” (Strictly Rhythm)
Slo Moshum – “Help My Friend” (Six6)
House Of Virginism – “Reachin” (ffrr)

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