1994-08-13 – Trannies With Attitude – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 13/08/1994 mixed by The Trannies With Attitude

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1994-08-13 – Trannies With Attitude – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

TWA – “The Tongy Chair Fracas” (Charlie Girl)
Disco Biscuit – “Disco Biscuit” (Higher State)
Johnny Vicious vs MSFB – “Theme From Soul Train ’94” (Network)
Deadly Sins – “We Are Going Down” (ffrr)
DJ Breaks Sampler – “1 Uear Anniversary Issue” (Bust A Groove)
Lisa B – “You & Me” (ffrr)
The Residents – “Kaw-Liga” (Torso)
TWA – “Trainspotter Scarface Death” (Charlie Girl)
Madam JoJo – “Airplane 666” (Charlie Girl)
TWA – “TWA Theme” (React)
Tinman – “18 Strings” (white label)
Massimo Alberti – “Say It Again” (white label)
The Flavour – “Superfly” (U-Bahn)
Hed Boys – “Boys & Girls” (Seka)
The Flavour – “Get Your Hands Off My Man” (U-Bahn)
Patra – “Workerman” (Epic)
Dave & Ansil Collins – “Double Barrel” (Trojan)
Air Liquid – “If There Was No Gravity” (Rising High)
Biosphere – “Phantasm” (R&S)
Airscape – “Cruising” (Save The Vinyl)
X-Press 2 – “London X-Press” (Junior Boys Own)
The Flavour – “E.P.” (U-Bahn)
Chris & James – “Calm Down” (Stress)
Subliminal Cuts – “Le Voie Le Soliel” (XL)
The Muppets – “The Muppet Show” (Pye)
Bobby & Betty – “Go To The Moon” (Happy House)
Vague – “Nothing Is Enough” (Drum)
Chapter 9 – “Roller Coater” (Ouch)
Soundsation – “Peace & Joy” (ffrr)
Bjork – “Big Time Sensuality” (One Little Indian)
New Order – “True Faith” (Factory)
Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean” (Swemix)
TWA – “Money” (Charlie Girl)

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