1994-09-18 – Tino Jugano, Simon Gibb, Colin Patterson @ The Arena, Middlesbrough, UK – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 18/09/1994 mixed by Tino Jugano, Simon Gibb, Colin Patterson With MC Hooligan X @ The Arena, Middlesbrough

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1994-09-18 – Tino Jugano, Simon Gibb, Colin Patterson at The Arena Middlesbrough, UK – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

Ride Committee – “Love To Do It” (Tribal UK)
Ghugger – “Thank You” (Back To Basics)
South Street Players – “Who Keeps Changing Your Mind” (Fresh Fruit)
Native Groove EP – “Let The Bass” (test pressing)
Alison Limerick – “Where Love Lives” (Arista)
New Artist – “New Track” (New Label)
Black Science – “Philadelphia” (Junior Boys Own)
Cover-Ups Vol1 – “untitled” (white label)
Joe T Vanelli – “Voice In Harmony” (Dream Beat)
Annabella Lwin – “Car Sex” (Sony)
Michael Watford -Love To The World – “East West”
Junior Vasquez – “Get Your Hands Off My Man” (Tribal)
Todd Terry – “Part 6 Rain” (TNT Freeze)
Dred Stock – “Pump” (Freeze)
Vice Tribes – “Ohmn Jae” (Cutting Trax)
Ultra Nate – “How Long” (Warner Bros)
Basia – “Drunk On Love” (Epic)
Joe Smooth – “Promised Land” (DJ Int)
Voodoo Blue – “All I Do” (Pulse 8)
Budfellas – “Pipe Style” (Trumblin)
Pirates Of The Carribean – “Vol III” (Strictly Rhythm)
Flasher/Hooligany – “The Flasher” (white label)
Tha Mexakinz – “Phonkie Melodia” (Mad Sounds)
Armadillo – “Red & Blue” (Line)
La Funk Mob – “Breaking Boundries” (Mo’ Wax)
The Blapps Posse – “Don’t Hold Back” (Blapps)
C&C Music Factory – “Do You Wanna Get Funky” (Colombia)
Morass – “The Cure” (Hot ‘n’ Spicy)
Underground Fundamentals – “Dancin” (Redcat)
Agora – “Latin Connection EP” (2)
Sweet Melody – “Dubs” (Mo Hop)
Jason Nevins – “Rio Calling” (Black Label)

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