1994-10-02 – Danny Rampling – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 02/10/1994 mixed by Danny Rampling

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1994-10-02 – Danny Rampling – EssentialMix

Track Listings…


March Look – “Accepella” (Sexy)

Eve – “Groove Of Love [Morales Mix]” (MCA)

Adele Bertei – “Zami Girl [Vasquez Mix]” (Imago)

Sounds of Blackness – “Harder They Come” (A & M)

Johnny Vicious – “Age of Aquarius” (Sony)

Liquid City – “Giving My All” (Tribal)

Kattwalk – “Pussin’ Meow” (Radikal Fear)

Donna Summer – “Melody of Love [Morales Mix]” (Mercury)

Jeanie Tracy – “Do U Believe In Wonder” (white label)

Robin S – “Back It Up” (Champion)

3rd Nation – “I Believe [70s Disco Mix]” (white label)

Johnny Vicious & Harold Melvin – “Don’t Remix Me This Way” (Bootleg)

Dimitry & Jaimy – “Brazil 2000” (Outland)

Mellow Track 2 – “Megatome Tribute” (Interdance)

Blackout Allstars – “I Like It Like That” (Columbia)

X Factor – “Peraza” (Progressive)

Millionaire Hippies – “C’Mon [Vinyl Cafe Mix]” (deConstruction)

Rolling Stones – “U Got Me Rocking” (Perfecto)

Kinky – “Everybody Get Kinky” (Columbia USA)

Perplexer – “Da Capo” (white label)

Emmanuel Top – “Ecsta Deal” (Attack)

Window Box – “Wakey Wakey” (Choccis Chewns)

08 Grand Tonight – “Krunch” (white label)

Elevator – “2nd Movement EP” (React)

Moby – “Feeling So Real” (Mute)

Spiritual NRG – “Afrotrance Vol V” (white label)

East 17 – “Steam [P&C Nu NRG Mix]” (London)

Hyper Go Go – “It’s Alright [Rampling Remix]” (Positiva)

Jarvic 7 – “Magnetic Marbles” (white label)

Fini Tribe – “Burning” (white label)

The Age of Aquarius track is: The Fifth Dimension – “Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In (House Of Hairy Krishnas Mix)” remixed by Johnny Vicious.

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