1994-10-09 – Carl Cox – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 09/10/1994 mixed by Carl Cox

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Track Listings…

Green Velvet – “Preacher Man” (Music Man)
Jack Master – “Ban The Box” (Basement Trax)
Nicole – “A Small-En-Trance To A Large Spectrum” (white label)
Andre – “Is it House” (Saban TM)
Pluto – “Anna Two” (RG)
Aura and Thee Dove – “Kattwalk Drum” (Radikal Fear)
Gemini – “Floating” (Relief Records)
Coco Steel & Love Bomb – “Summer Rain” (warp)
Deborah Wilson – “Do You Love What You Feel” (Stealth)
Makusa Inc – “Africa” (Oscillator)
Sven Vath – “Harlequin” (Eye Q)
Stone Circle – “Deep In you” (MMR Prods)
Mis Jah Room – “Shake Your Ass” (Jinx)
Morgan Wild – “Phat Man” (Music Man)
Sister Cyrex – “First Question” (HOS)
F.E.O.S. vs M.S.O – “Music Was Sent” (Origaku)
Sound Enforcer – “Re-Enforcement” (Rising High)
Millsart – “Cycle 30” (Axis)
Laurent Garnier – “Astral Dreams” (F.Communications)
Stone Circle – “Tonight” (MMR Prods)
Utah Saints – “Highlander” (ffrr)
C.A.P – “Rising” (SVR)
The Aloof – “Drum” (Flaw Recs)
Drax Ltd II – “Amphetamine” (Trope)
Joey Beltram – “Flash Cube” (Trax)
Jeff Mills – “Life Cycle” (Tresor)
Ege Ban Yasi – “8 Ball Remixamotosis” (SNR)
Mesquite – “Hyper Spectors” (No Easy Love)
Purple Plesade – “Stahlherz” (Djax Up Beats)
DJ EFX – “Bajame His Pantalones” (Underground Productions)
artist unknown – “untitled” (Mute)
Chubby Chunks – “Testament One” (Leqato)
III Disco – “Keep The Jam Going” (Arctic)
Movin’ Melodies – “Bailando Guitarra” (Eastern Bloc)
Techno Grooves – “You Got Me Running” (Stealth)
The Burger Queens – “House Fever” (Sound Of Ministry)
artist unknown – “Funky Song” (white label)
Risky DJ – “Vamos” (UMD)
Glow – “Break The Law” (MMR)
Vu Du – “untitled” (Grass Green)

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