1994-10-16 – Danny Tenaglia (Heavens 4th Birthday Party) – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 16/10/1994 mixed by Danny Tenaglia

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1994-10-16 – Danny Tenaglia (Heavens 4th Birthday Party) – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

The Backout All Stars – “I Like It” (Columbia)
The Electric Fro – “Theme From The Electric Fro” (Tribal UK)
The All Statrs – “The Recipe” (Tomohawk)
Coming Out Crew – “Free, Gay & Happy” (Out On Vinyl)
Armand Van Helden – “Witch Doctor” (Strictly Rhythm)
Twangling – “3 Fingers In A Box” (Pukka)
Fusion Beats Vol. 2 – “Song Of The City” (Throb)
Fred Jorio – “Jungle Luv” (Produce)
Barbara Tucker – “I Get Lifted” (Positiva)
Elastic Reality – “Cassa De X” (Tribal UK)
Maydie Myles – “Keep On Luvin” (K4B)
Ecstacy – “Fantasy” (King St)
Daphne – “Change” (Maxi)
Arnold Jarvis & Keri Chandler – “Inspiration” (Freetown)
Faze 1 – “Feel Good” (white label)
Marie Divine – “Can’t Live Without You” (white label)
Danny Tenaglia – “Bottom Heavy” (Tribal UK)
Kings Of Tomorrow – “Ego Trip” (white label)
Thelma Houston – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Digit)
Woody Thompson – “Feelin’ Comin’ On” (white label)
Deep Dish Presents Prana – “The Dream” (Tribal UK)
Barbara Tucker – “I Get Lifted” (Positiva)
Ebony Ice – “Never Walk Alone” (white label)
Commission featuring Janet Lewinson – “One Man” (Cleveland City)
Robert Owens – “I’ll Be Your Friend” (Perfecto)
Sister Bliss – “Can’t Get A Job, Can’t Get A Man (Life’s A Bitch)” (Hooj Choons)
artist unknown – “Solid Groove” (Clockwork)
Chicago Symphony – “The Ram Raid EP” (white label)
Daniel Dixon – “Hallellujiah EP” (Nite Grooves)
The MD X-Press – “Welcome 2 Da Klub” (Nite Stuff)
Sahirah Moore – “Lover & Friend” (Fat Wax)
artist unknown – “untitled” (white label)
Jazmina – “Good Time” (Indochina)

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