1994-10-30 – Chris & James – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 30/10/1994 mixed by Chris & James

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1994-10-30 – Chris & James – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Jonny Panic – “Johny Panic & The Bible Of Dreams” (Fontana)
Fools Paradise featuring Jay D – “Let Me Into Your Heart” (acetate)
Isha-D – “Stay” (Cleveland City)
Sain II – “It’s Alright” (acetate)
Annabella Lwin – Car Sex
My Friend Sam featuring Viol Wills – “It’s My Pleasure” (US Ex-It)
Tranfiguration – “My Dreams” (Transfiguration)
Everything But The girl – “Missing (Chris & James Remix)” (Blanco Y Negro)
The Beat Syndicate – “Dancing Daffodils” (Equinox)
Woomera – “Retro-Curo-Vibe-Piece” (Indochina)
Energy 52 – “Cafe Del Mar” (Eye Q)
Age Of Love – “Age Of Love” (React)
Peter Tall – “A2 Is Love” (white label)
Outrage – “Tall & Handsome [Remix]” (Club 4 Life)
State Of Grace – “Not Over Yet” (Perfecto)
Electroset – “Sensatin” (acetate)
Fleetwood Mac – “Big Love” (Warner Bros)
REM – “Shiney Happy People” (Warner Bros)
Talizman – “Only You” (Cowboy)
Jump – “Fankatarium” (Dark)
Liquid – “One Love Family” (acetate)
Billy Preston – “Heroes” (Italian Outer Space)
JT Company – “Don’t Deal With Us” (Warner Bros)
Steve Winwood – “Higher Love” (Island)

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