1994-11-06 – CJ Bolland – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 06/11/1994 mixed by CJ Bolland

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1994-11-06 – CJ Bolland – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Patrick Pulsinger – Construction Tool (Disko B)
Secret Weapon – “Secret Weapon” (Juice)
PJ Bennit – “Paradigm” (Neuro)
Underground Resist – “Elimination” (U.R)
Luke Slater – “X-Tront 1” (Peace Frog)
C Ferreika & C. McBean – “The Advent” (Internal)
artist unknown – “untitled” (white label)
Tangents – “Tangents” (Warp)
R James – “Polygon Window” (Warp)
P J Bennit – “Guidance” (Neuro)
BC – “Stonghold” (ITP)
Acid Kirk – “Psychonautic Experiments – Vol.2” (Re-Load)
Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise (Bush)
artist unknown – “untitled” (acetate)
Morgan Wild – “Easter” (Music Man)
J Beltram – “Drome” (Warp)
R Hawtin – “Radiation” (Overdrive)
C J Bolland – “Spring Yard” (R&S)
Planetary Assault System – “In From The Night” (Peace Frog)
Luke Slater – “Clementine” (Djax Up Beats)
Sonic Sollution – “Turbulence” (R&S)
Arpeggiators – Discover Your Inner Self (Harthouse)
CJ Bolland – “Nightbreed” (R&S)
Look of Love – “Acid Connection” (Force Inc)
Jammin Unit – “Flower Swing” (D Jungle Fever)
CJ Bolland – “Random” (R&S)
Sound Enforcer – “Re-Enforcement” (Rising High)
Orbital – Lush 3.5 (CJ Bolland Remix) (Internal)
Sara Bernett – The Rhythm Impulse (Propulsion)
Plastikman – “Spaastik” (Mute)
Project 625 – Sunspots (Dow)
Cosmic Movements – “Cosmic Movements” (Red Planet)
Joey Beltram – “Life Force” (Trax)
Steve Bicknell – Untitled (B1) (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) (Cosmic)
Edge Of Motion – Planet Gong Realism (Djax-Up Beats)
Digital Distortion – “Digital Distortion” (Paradigm)
Hemisphear – Devoid Of Mental Restrictions (Labworks)
Pherentic System – “Wayfarer” (Bonzia)
Jones & Stephenson – “1st Rebirth” (Bonzai)
CJ Bolland – “Thrust the 4th Sign” (R&S)
Rotortype – Be Yourself (Planet Rhythm)

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