1994-11-13 – Dave Clarke – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 13/11/1994 mixed by Dave Clarke

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1994-11-13 – Dave Clarke – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Hercules – “Seven Ways to Jack” (Trax/London)
Farley Keith – “Give Your Self To Me” (Trax)
Jackmaster Funk (Sanlar) No Info – “”
Basic Channel – “Q1.1” (BC)
The Dawnsmen – “Distortion” (Radikal Fear)
Blake Baxters – “Sexuality” (Incognito)
Roxy and The Squish Com – “Chocolate & Peanut Butter” (Emotive)
DJ Sneak – “Blue Funk EP” (Relief)
Tim Harper – “R2D2” (Power)
DJ Funk – “Work That Body” (Dance Mania)
K Hand – “Global Warning” (Warp)
Robert Armani – “Remote Control” (ACV)
OST – “Basilir” (Switch)
X313 – “Interferon” (Generator)
Lionrock – “Packet of Jeff Mills” (deConstruction)
Planetary Assault system – “Remix” (Cosmic)
Juice 11 – “Acid Thunder” (Juice)
3 Phase – “Der Kland Der Fuse” (Novamute)
Beltram – “606 Bonus” (Visible)
Cybersonik – “Thrash” (Plus 8)
Mills – “Repress of Axis 007” (Axis)
Millsart – “Step to Enchantment” (Axis)
Planetary Assault System – “React Interact” (Peacefrog)
X-102 – “Ground Zero” (UR)
DJ Hell – “HOTH [D Clarke Mix]” (Disko B)
Mike Dearborn – “Move” (Djax)
Robert Armani – “Roadtour [D Clarke Mix]” (ACV)
Woody McBride – “White Label” (Drop Bass)
DJ Hell – “Like That” (Mag North)
Acid Rain – “Turbulence” (UR)
Kosmik Kommando – “No Info” (white label)
Juice 11 – “Flight Path” (Juice)
Voyager 8 – “B Side Track 2” (Synewave NY)
Beltram – “Flash Cube” (Trax)
Roland Casper – “Son of Mono” (Structure)
Emanuel Top – “Labotomie” (Novamute)
Roland Casper – “Take This” (Mag North)
Phuture – “Spank Spank” (Trax)
Steve Poindexter – “Bjorn To Freak” (Muzique)
Mike DearBorn – “Destruction” (Djax)
Phortune – “Can You Feel The Bass” (Hotmix)
Blake Baxter – “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” (Logic UK)
Red Planet – “Star Dancer” (Red Planet)
Fast Eddie – “Acid Thunder” (DJ International)
Bam Bam – “Where’s Your Child” (West Brook)

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