1995-01-08 – Tony De Vit – EssentialMix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 08/01/1995 mixed by Tony De Vit

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1995-01-08 – Tony De Vit – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

D’Enrico – “It Was Meant To Be” (Ouch!)
Boy Butla – “Driftwood” (Beeswax)
The Shaker – “Mooncat” (Ugly Bug)
Keith Mac – “Good Times” (Labello Dance)
Deuce – “Call It Love” (white label)
Rizzo – “Keep Ya Head On” (Tripoli Trax)
Artenesia – “Bits and Pieces” (Hooj Choons)
Tony De Vit – “Burning Up [Club Mix]” (Icon)
Must – “Gotta Get” (Aura)
Mrs Wood – “Whodunnit?” (React)
Version Two – “Skychild’s Taccata” (Baby)
JX – “You Belong To Me” (ffrr)
Elevatorman – “Funk and Drive” (Wired)
The Phorce – “Strong” (Phat test pressing)
Jason Nevins – “Wonderland” (The Jason Nevis EP)
The Numberical Value – “Krazy Noise” (Sharp)
Vudu – “The Callin” (Grassgreen)
Decadance – “Hot Shuffle” (Sounds Good)
Tony De Vit – “Burning Up [Dub Mix]” (Icon)
Force Mass Motion – “Lift” (Rabbit City)
artist unknown – “untitled” (Edge Test 3)
Epik Driver – “The Bolb” (Chug N Bumb)
Marmion – “Schoneberg” (Superstition)
Promo/No Info – “Nations” (Edge)
Tony De Vit – “Starlight” (white label)
Version Two – “Higher and Higher” (V2)

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