1995-01-29 – Dave Clarke – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 22/01/1995 mixed by Dave Clarke

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1995-01-29 – Dave Clarke – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Sleezy D – “I’ve Lost Control” (Trax)
Hashim – “It’s Nasty” (Tommy Boy)
Tim Harper – “untitled” (white label)
Nate Williams – “Club Patrol” (Sex Trax)
Mark The 909 King – “Hardcore” (Sex Trax)
Gemini – “untitled” (white label)
Aphrohead – “In Thee Garden” (Global Cuts)
Suburban Knight – “The Worlds” (Transmat)
DJ Pierre – “Atom Bomb” (Guerilla)
Roy Davis Jr. – “Heart Attack [Remix]” (Power Music)
K.O.T. – “Abstract College” (Strictly Rhythm)
Phortune – “Lose Control” (Strictly Rhythm)
Boo Williams – “White Label” (Relief)
Paul Johnson – “Soft Spot” (Relief)
K. Hand – “Get On Up” (Acacia)
Armand Van Helden – “Get On The Donkey” (Strictly Rhythm)
Tim Harper – “White Label” (Relief)
DJ Dusk – “Chique EP” (See Saw)
DJ Groove – “Good Groove” (Underground Construction)
Boo Williams – “Quicksand” (Relief)
Jeff Mills – “Axis 10” (Axis)
Unit Noeius – “untitled” (white label)
The Advent – “Hardfish” (Internal)
Christian Vogel – “Ninjah” (Mosquito)
XY02 – “Titan” (UR)
Edge Of Motion – “Overvolt” (DJax)
Morganistic – “Bellows” (Inputneuton)
Suburban Knight – “untitled” (UR)
Robert Gorl – “Psychoring” (Disko B)
Oliver Le Castor – “Lodge One” (Step 2 House)
Robert Hood – “untitled” (Tresor)
Lemuria – “Voyage To Lemuria” (Submerge)
Richie Bartz – “untitled” (Disko B)
Psychonautic Exp 2 – “Nexus” (Reload)
Rhythmic Riot – “Neuracoustics” (DJax)
Edge Of Motion – “Del Mortiento” (DJax)
Pig City – “Digital Porker” (Stress)
DJ Skull – “Nuclear Fallout” (DJax)
Robert Hood – “Waveform Vol. 2” (Tresor/Axis)
Pulzar – “untitled” (white label)

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