1995-02-26 – Tall Paul – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 26/02/1995 mixed by Tall Paul

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1995-02-26 – Tall Paul – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Stone Roses – “Fools Gold” (Silvertone)
One Dove – “Whte Love” (ffrr)
Rhythm Is Rhythm – “The Dance” (Transmat)
K Klass – “Rhythm Is AMystery” (deConstruction)
Nitebeat – “It’s Alright” (Effective)
Kelvin Rotane – “I Believe” (Alphabet City)
Blondie – “Atomic [Van Helden Mix]” (Chrysalis)
The OT’s – “High” (ffrr)
Gems 3 Jem – “Lifting Me Higher”
Tin Tin Out – “Always” (Warner/HooJ)
Raw Vol 3 – “Get Wid You” (Yum Yum)
Bizarre Inc – “Playing With Knives” (Vinyl Solution)
Work Session – “Silver Blizz” (Work)
Chris and James – “Tune In” (acetate)
Aprohead – “In The Dark” (Bush)
Chaka Boom Bang – “Tossin and Turnin” (Game)
Koolworld Productions – “Invader” (Koolworld)
DJ Misjah & Tim – “Access” (X Trax)
Ace of Base – “Living in Danger” (London)
Ashah – “Every in the World” (ffrr)
JX – “You Belong To Me” (Hooj Tunes)
New Order – “True Faith” (London)
DJ Tim and Ortega – “Heartbreak” (Direct Drive)
DMB – “If We Lose Our Love” (Metropolitan)
Peyote – “Alcatraz” (R&S)
Jones & Stephenson – “1st Rebirth” (Prolekult)
Bang On – “Kellys Heroes” (Kartoonz)
The French Revelatioin – “South of Trance” (De La Troisieme)
Future Sound of London – “Papa New Guinea” (Jumpin Pumpin)

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