1995-03-05 – The Chemical Brothers – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 05/03/1995 mixed by The Chemical Brothers

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1995-03-05 – The Chemical Brothers – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Jean Jacques-Perrey – “EVA” (white label)
Meat Beat Manifesto – “Cutman” (Play it Again Sam)
Schooly D – “Housing the Joint” (Jive)
Funkmaster Flex – “Nuttin but Flavor” (Wreck)
Spank Da Monkey – “Down Side Up” (Monkey Funk/Soul Trade)
Gunshot – “Children of a Dying Breed” (Vinyl Solution)
John Schroeder – “Money Runner” (Polydor)
Jedi Nights – “Funk You” (Clear)
DJ Battery Brain – “8 Volts” (Techno Hop)
The Beastie Boys – “33% God” (Capitol)
Bobby J – “Check Out The Style” (Stripped)
Double D & Steinski – “History Of Hiphop Part 1” (Tommy Boy)
Carlos Barrios – “Can’t” (After Dark)
Carlos Barrios – “Doin It After Dark” (ATCO)
Yes – “Owner of a Lonely Heart” (ATCO)
Tim “Love” Lee – “Again Son” (Peace Feast)
Freestyle – “Don’t Stop the Rock” (Pandisc)
Khan – “4E” (Forec Inc/Music Works)
Evolution – “The Link EP” (white label)
The Chemical Brothers – “Leave Home” (Junior Boys Own)
DJ Who – “Give a Little More” (Defective)
Xpando – “To a Nation Rockin” (Metro)
Emmanuel Top – “Lobotomie” (Nova Mute)
The Beatles – “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Parlophone)
God Within – “Daylight” (Hardkiss Music)
The Chemical Bros – “Life is Sweet” (Junior Boys Own)
Patrick Pulsinger – “City Lights” (Disko B)
Colourbox – “Edit The Dragon” (4AD)
The Specials – “You’re Wandering Now” (Chrysalis Music)

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