1995-04-16 – Marc Kinchen ( MK ) – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 16/04/1995 mixed by Marc Kinchen ( MK )

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1995-04-16 – Marc Kinchen ( MK ) – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

West End – Love Rules [RCA/BMG]
Drizabone – Real Love [Island]
Deee-Lite – Call Me [Elektra]
Jimmy Somerville – Heartbeat [London]
The Good Men – Huh [Fresh Fruit]
Spirits – Spirits Inside [MCA]
Judy Al Banese – That Ain’t Right [Maxi]
Stongo Disco Tool – Make It Hot [Aztonk]
Ona King – Premonition Of Lost Love [Las Casa]
Kim English – Time I Love [Nervous]
Drum Nuts – Sometin Duro [Rhythm Factor]
Masters At Work – Suflay [Test Pressing]
Urban Dischay – Drop A House [UMD]
Latrece – Sunshine [Area 10]
Jon Seccada – If You Go [EMI]
Flair – You [Mass Transit]
Shades Of Love – Body 2 Body [Vicious Muzik]
Jovonn – Statisfied [Kult]
Love Happy – Message Of Love [MCA]
MK Featuring Alana – Love Changes [Charisma/Virgin]
Romanthony – The Wanderer [Percription]
Peter Panic – A Blackman [Dig It Int]
Brand New Heavies – Spend Sometime [FFRR]
B-Tribe – Nadie Entiende [Atlantic]
Kenlou – Moonshine [Maw]
Urban Species – Listen [Talkin’ Loud]
MK Featuring Alana – Crazy Crazy [Charisma/Virgin]
Latrece – Sunshine [Area 10]

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