1995-05-09 – Carl Cox – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 09/05/1995 R.A.V.E VE day celebrations mixed by Carl Cox

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1995-05-09 – Carl Cox – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

The Paragliders – Oasis [Superstition]
Poltergeist – Vicious Circles [Platipus]
Finitribe – Love Above [FFRR]
16 BIT – Where Are You [Eye Of The Storm]
Leftfield – Original [Hard Hands/Sony]
The Sequencer – Flying Souls
Redeye – Luck Spray
Brothers Grimm – Survive [X Gate]
Boston Bruins – Raise Your Hands [Mindwarp]
Trancesetters – Drive [Touche]
Leftfield – Melt [Hard Hands/Sony]
Aqualite – Wavemaker [Suck Me Plasma]
Arcus – Happy Rose [Liquid]
ReunThe Deep – Fast Girl [Bush]
Markey – 5 Minute Workout [Cajual]
Tiracon – Spiral Nuts [Formaldehyde]
Armando – Radikal Bitch [Junior Bitch Mix] [Radikal Fear]
Aloof – Favellas [East West]
2 Clues – Chant [Empire State]
DJ Powerout – Outrage [Synewave]
? – Mindflux
Robert Armani – Airbourne [ACV]
Screaming Rachel – Rock Me [Westbrook]
Daz Saund – Acid Faze [MMR]
Banter – Mindless [Bush]
Bass Bin Twins – II [Tall]
Brutal Bill – Broke My Heart [Mental Progression]
Sextant – It’s Gonna Be Alright [Fax]
Orbital – O Lush 3-5 [CJ Bolland Mix] [Internal]
Jam & Spoon – Angel [Carl Cox Mix]
Virus – Sun [Jam El Mar Remix] [Perfecto]
Yello – L’Hotel [Carl Cox Mix] [Urban]
Shades Of Orion – Orion Transfer [Fax]

[2 Minute Silence Live From Hyde Park, London]

Stone Roses – Begging You [Carl Cox Mix] [MCA]
George Crans – Din Da Da [DJ’s Choice]
Kenlou – Moonshine [MAW]
Renegade Soundwave – AJ’s Imbis [Mute]
Daddy Mac – Unknown [Bush]
Blue Amazon – Four Seasons [Jackpot]
Tracklist sourceification – Tension [Universal Prime Breaks]
Pete Namlook And Klaus Schulze – Dark Side Of The Moog III [Fax]
Arcus – The Classix [Liquid]
Finitribe – Mushroom Shaped [FFRR]
16 BIT – The Raven [Eye Of The Storm]

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