1995-07-02 – Nicky Holloway – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 02/07/1995 mixed by Nicky Holloway

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1995-07-02 – Nicky Holloway – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

Morels Groove – “Lets Groove” (Strictly Rhythm)
Rama 1 – “Cest La Vie” (Cleveland City)
Swag – “Dark Corners” (Jus Trax)
Donna Summer – “I Feel Love” (Manifesto)
Develomment Corporation – “Spend the Day” (W/L)
Marykiani – “When I Call Your Name” (Mercury)
Billy Ray Martin – “Your Lovin Arms” (East West)
Pizzaman – “Sex on the Streets” (Loaded)
Faithless – “Salive Mae” (Cheeky Champion)
Dreadzone – “Captain Dread” (Virgin)
Sain PT2 – “Its Alright” (Effective)
Itchy and Scratchy – “I Want U” (Spot On)
El Fredo – “Where’s My Man” (white label)
New Order – “Blue Monday” (ffrr)
Daydream – “The Hunter” (Clubstitute)
Chemical Brothers – “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” (white label)
Inner City – “Hallelujah” (Ten)
Company B – “Fascinated” (Atlantic)
H 2 0 – “Livin for the Future” (Liquid Groove)
Pequina Habana – “I Got to Know” (Flying)
Oregano – “Oregano” (white label)
Josh Wink – “Higher State of Consciousness” (Strictly Rhythm)
Size 9 – “I’m Ready” (Underground)
By Wubble U – “Petal” (Go Discs)
The Shaker – “Strong to Survive” (Ugly Bu)
Yum Yum – “3 Minute Warning” (Sperm)
Sulvester – “You Make Me Feel” (Fantasy)
Carla Louis – “You’re You” (DBX)
Brothers Grim – “Radiate” (X-Gate)
Sultana – “Te Amo” (Volumex)
Jam and Spoon – “Find Me” (Epic)
Li Kwan – “Point Zero” (Seka)

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