1995-07-30 – Luvdup – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 30/07/1995 mixed by Luvdup

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1995-07-30 – Luvdup – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

Hardkiss – The Pheonix [Lattitude]
Ruffnick Featuring Yavahn – Everbody Be Somebody [Masters At Work]
Mr. Potato Head – Can Also Use Fruit [Pork]
The Movement – Odyssey [Jus Trax]
Swag – Dark Corners [Jus Trax]
Baby Bumps – Bumpomatic EP [Azuli]
Subsonic 808 – Spanki [Force Inc Music Works]
Liberty City – Thats What I Got [Tribal UK]
Disco Universe Orchestra – Jack Me [Consolidated]
The Absolute And Suzanne Palmer – There Will Come A Day [Tribal UK]
Umboza – Cry India [Positiva White Label]
3rd Movement – What Will Be Will Be [Planet 4]
E-N – Horn Ride [Tribal UK]
Mone – We Can Mek It [AM:PM]
Karma Sutra – Censored [Transworld White Label]
Harmonix – Landslide
Luvspunge – Sexual Healing [Dance 2 Acetate]
De Lacy – Hideaway [Slip N’ Slide]
Kimball-Dekkard – Hardlife [Posivibes]
The Shamen – Destination Eschaton [One Little Indian Test Pressing]
JX – Flatlands [Hooj Choons]
Age Of Love – Age Of Love [React]
Donna Summer – I Feel Love [Manifesto]
U2 – Salome [Island]
Justine – Want Me Love Me [Umm]
Shapy – Pearls Hallelujah [WEA]

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