1995-08-06 – Judge Jules – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 06/08/1995 mixed by Judge Jules

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1995-08-06 – Judge Jules – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

Salt City Orchestra – The Book [Paper]
Rosabel – Miami [Groovilicious]
The Madkatt – Wait For The Sun
28th St Crew – Untitled [Ministry]
Joe T Vanelli – Voices In Harmony [Dreambeat]
Todd Terry – Jumpin [UMM]
Plux Featuring Georgia Jones – Over & Over [WT]
Sticks & Stones – Outrageous [Bangin]
Tan-Ru – Assembly [Trelik]
Sugar Shack – I Wanna Take You Higher [Wired]
Delicious Ink – Delicious Poem [UMM]
Shady – Pearls [WEA]
Xstatic – I’m Standing (Remix)
Basskittens – Rat Patrol [Oxygen]
Tencity – Devotion Acapella
Africa Hot – Uma Uma
Harmonix – Landslide
Eon – Wave Angel [Electron]
Utah Saints – Ohio [FFRR]
Big Up – Awho Go There [Awesome]
Cameo – Money [Reprise]
Sugar – The Feeling
Club 69 – Diva [Tribal UK]
Size 9 – I’m Ready [OVUM]
Dozing Cub EP – God [Sleeping Lions]
Junior Vasquez – Get Your Hands Offa My Man (Acapella) [Positiva White Label]
Prooot – Untitled
Donna Summer – I Feel Love [Manifesto]
Winx – Higher State Of Consciousness [Manifesto]
Blair – Have Fun Go Mad [Mercury]
RM Project – Whatever You Need [Smokin – Rhythms]
The Original – I Love You Baby (Remix) [ORE]
Maltese Massive – Hey Everybody [Kool World]
Total Recall – Taboo [GLI Gnomi Music]
M’Boza Ritchi – Cry India
Eaon Elvis Pritchard – Zed’s Dead [Bell Boy]
E’Voke – Run Away [FFRR]
DJ Misjah & Tim – Access [Aura]
Pleasant Chemistry – Sex [XL]
Dimitri – Cuba [Best]
Mrs Woods – Joanna [React]

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