1995-10-28 – John Digweed – Pete Tong – Paul Bleasdale – Live at Tall Trees – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 28/10/1995 mixed by John Digweed – Pete Tong – Paul Bleasdale – Live at Tall Trees in Yarm

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Please note this is a 4 hour essential mix and is only available for download…


John Digweed Broadcast on Saturday 28th October, 1995

Simply Red – “Money’s Too Tight To Mention [DMC Remix]” (East West)
BT & Taylor – “Calling” (acetate)
Francois K – “Mind Speaks” (Wave)
Angel Moraes – “Heaven Knows” (EBU)
Sweet Drop – “El Tatio’s” (Groovilicious)
XDX – “Matthew Man” (In Vogue)
Tilt – “I Dream” (Perfecto)
Zoe – “Dreamtime” (More Protein)
The Tabernacle – “I Know The Lord” (acetate)
Mozaic – “Rays Of The Rising Sun” (Perfecto)
Sasha & Marie – “Be As One” (deConstruction)

Pete Tong Broadcasted on Saturday 28th October, 1995

The Absolute with Susanne Parker – “I Believe” (Tribal UK)
Morel’s Groove – “Boys & Girls Get On Up & Move Around” (Strictly Rhythm)
Plux – “Over And Over” (WT)
Lisa Marie Experience – “Keep Jumpin'” (3 Beat)
Ken Doh – “Nagasaki” (Base Generator)
Real McKoy – “Automatic Lover [Van Helden Mix]” (Logic)
Michael Watford – “Love Change Over” (Hard Times)
Klatchi – “Footstompin'” (Mount Air)
Alcatraz – “Give Me Luv” (Yoshitoshi)
Centurians – “This House Is Jumpin'” (Seka)
Crescendo – “Are You Out There” (ffrr)
Chris & James – “Fox Force Five” (Stress)
Berri – “Shine Like A Star” (ffrr)
E’voke – “Runaway” (ffrr)
Scott Deep – “Brooklyn Beats” (Accor)

Paul Bleasdale Broadcasted on Saturday 28th October, 1995

Misjah & Tim – “Access [Extraks Volume 1]” (Ore)
Hoschi – “The Tribe” (Overdrive)
Dac Sound Of OC – “Spectrum” (360 Sound)
999 Disco Babies – “Pump Thing” (Floor Wax)
Head Nodding Society – “Head On” (Work)
Klatchi – “Footstompin'” (Mount Air)
Technohead – “I Wanna Be A Hippy [Carl Cox Mix]” (promo)
La Luna – “To The Beat Of The Drum” (VC)
Josh Wink – “Higher State Of Consciousness” (Manifesto)
Phoenix – “Rise Up” (Solid Silver)
Electroliners – “Loose Caboose” (Twitch)
Move & Motion – “Re-Funk” (Zebra)

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