1996-01-01 – DJ Tinman (Paul De Kane) – Essential Mix Stream & Download

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 01/01/1996 mixed by DJ Tinman (Paul De Kane)

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1996-01-01 – DJ Tinman (Paul De Kane) – Essential Mix Stream & Download

Track Listings…

Popcorn – “Tap Moi La” (Mercury)
Gun – “Word Up” (A&M)
Ruffneck – “Everbody Be Somebody” (Masters At Work)
Kathy Brown – “Turn Me Out” (Stress)
Space 2000 – “Do U Wanna Funk” (Wired)
Sara Parker – “My Love Is Deep” (Sharp)
Asha D – “Stay” (Cleveland Ciy Blue)
Ken Doh – “Nagasaki EP” (Nice Vinyl)
Gusto – “Disco’s Revenge” (Manifesto)
Kary Kiani – “When I Call Your Name” (Mercury)
Umboza – “Cry India” (Positiva)
Amos – “Church Of Freedom” (Positiva)
Q-Club – “Tell It To My Heart” (Manifesto)
Donna Summer – “I Feel Love” (Manifesto)
Faithless – “Salvea Mea” (Cheeky)
E-Motion – “Naughy North Sexy South” (MCA)
Tinman – “Gud Vibe” (ffrr)
Grace – “Not Over Yet” (Perfecto)
Jam & Spoon – “Odyseey To Anyoona” (Epic)
BT featuring Vincent Cavello – “Loving You More” (Perfecto)
Mothballs – “Instant Of Self Preservation” (acetate)
Shiva – “Work It Out” (ffrr)
New Order – “Blue Monday” (ffrr)
Itty Bitty Bozzy Woozy – “Tempo Fiesta” (VC)
Rhythm Robbers – “The Creator” (Rhythm Rollers)
Indica – “Labia” (Movin’ Melodies)
Mrs Wood – “Joanna” (React)
Tocayo – “All Night Long” (Limbo)
Man With No Name – “Floor Essemce” (Perfecto)
Polterguist – “Vicious Circles” (Platypus)
Robert Miles – “Children” (Platypus)
Westbam – “Wizard Of The Sonic” (Urban)
Dave Clarke – “Red 3” (Bush/deConstruction)
Misjah & Tim – “Access” (X-Trax)
The Paragliders – “Oasis” (Superstition)
Virus – “Sun” (Perfecto)


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