1996-01-28 – Pete Tong – Paul Bleasdale – Boy George – Que Club Live – Essential Mix Stream, Download & Tracklist

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 28/01/1996 mixed by Pete Tong – Paul Bleasdale – Boy George

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1996-01-21 – Armand Van Helden – Essential Mix Stream, Download & Tracklist

Track Listings…

Pete Tong

Pete Tong

Lisa Marie Experience – “Keep Jumpin'” (London)
Lil’ Mo Yin Yang – “Reach [Remix]” (Multiply)
Gusto – “Disco’s Revenge” (Manifesto)
Mone – “Movin'” (AM:PM)
Bizarre Inc. – “Keep The Music Strong” (Mercury)
Future Force – “What You Want” (AM:PM)
Cover Ups – “Vol. 1” (white label)
Ken Doh – “Nagasaki” (Nice Vinyl)
Lemon D – “Bells Of Revolution” (Basic Energy)
Jayn – “Lovelight” (VC Recordings)
Hondy – “No Access” (acetate)
Blue Amazon – “No Other Love” (Jackpot)
Dilema – “In Spirit” (acetate)
JX – “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do” (acetate)

Paul Bleasdale

Canto – “We’ve Got To Work It Out” (Good Grooves)
GTB – “Entropy” (US Music Now)
Gat Decor – “Passion” (Way Of Life)
Sound Media – “Defence” (Jam)
CYB – “Now” (La Maison Grande)
Mr Jacks – “Only House Music” (Cajual)
Green Velvet – “Flash” (Yeti Records)
DX – “House Night” (Reflection Music)
Ian Pooley – “Celtic Cross” (Force Inc)
Slam – “Positive Education” (Soma)
Divan – “Moonspheres” (Planet Source)
More – “Stickman 96” (Stickman)
EHR – “Seek” (Ital. Accor)
Junkyard – “001” (white label)
Humate – “Sound” (Germ. Superstition)
The Pump Panel – “To The Sky” (Missile)
The Sound Of OC – “Spectrum” (360 Sound)
Universal Addictions – Untitled (Universal Addictions)
Hot Drum – “Any More” (Hearbeat)
Natural Born Grooves – “Forerunner” (Friends)
DJ Tonka – “Phunk-y” (US Force Inc)
Acelvin Rotante – “Push Me To The Limit” (Alphabet)
DJ Misjah & Mr Tim – “Access” (Dutch X-Trax)

Boy George

Minty – “Plastic Bag” (white label)
EeeZee Posse – “Everything Starts With An E” (white label)
Dream Plant – “Giraffe” (Vacuum)
Urania – “Pick Nic On The Green” (Hos)
Outcast – “untitled” (white label)
Shytalks – “Touch The House” (white label)
Disco Volante – “Forbidden” (Transient)


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