2019-01-19 – DJ Lag – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 19/01/2019 mixed by DJ Lag

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2019-01-19 – DJ Lag – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

DJ Lag – Bubzin
DJ Lag – Runx
Ceeya – Khuza
FUNKY QLA – Lamont Funk
DJ Target no Ndile – Ukshisa
DJ Lag – Uhuru
Western Boyz – 3 Plus
Unknown – Untitled
DJ Target no Ndile – Unknown
FUNKY QLA – Ibhodwe
Western Boyz – Dark Label
Naked Boyz – Project X
DJ Lag – Izwi
DJ Lag – And We Go Again
DJ Lag – Umshudo (feat. Charlie)
DJ Lag – Thintitha
Rude Boyz – Yebo (feat. TDK Macassette)
DJ Lag – Gravity
Rude Boyz – Unknown (feat. Campmaster)
DJ Lag – Dogg
DJ Lag – Bheng
DJ Lag – Ithuna (Remake)
DJ Lag & FUNKY QLA – 3 Turns
DJ Lag – Jika (feat. DJ Vumar & Biggie)
DJ Lag – Ngasho
DJ Lag – Trip To New York
Unknown – Untitled

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