2019-02-09 – Josey Rebelle – Essential Mix

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 09/02/2019 mixed by Josey Rebelle

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2019-02-09 – Josey Rebelle – Essential Mix

Track Listings…

Daddy Freddy – Turn It Up (Acapella)
Moodymann – P.B.C.
Brassfoot – Pearl Necklace
Kelli Hand – Escape In Detroit
I-F – The Search
AFRODEUTSCHE – You Heard Me The First Time
Chapter 1 – Just Say Yo!
NameBrandSound – Bebop
Sho Madjozi & She’s Drunk – Amadoda (Shy One Remix)
Cooly G – Craze Pt 2
Jamal Moss – Salvation Is The Cure
Lady Blacktronika – Brush Your Teeth Bitch
Mike Dunn – Mi’ Antionette
Steven Julien – POT808
Elecktroids – Check Mate
Sole Fusion – Bass Tone (DVA’s Soul Destroy Mix)
Martelo – Volks Beat
Trinity Carbon – Buzz Feelin’
Mor Elian – Move Like Atoms
Africans With Mainframes – Zodiac Rythms
Victrola – Luca’s Theme
AceMo – Where They At???
(feat. John F.M.)
Eon – Spice (Juan Atkins Hi Power Mix)
Kelli Hand – Numbers
LSDXOXO – Inertia
Aybee – Escaped Drum
Dopplereffekt – Mitosis
Basic Rhythm – Too Nuff
Creep Woland – 0141-S.F.S.G
Carlota – Your Destination
Dave Angel – Trip to Darkness
SUN RUNNERS 女神の恋人達 – Can’t Wait

One thought on “2019-02-09 – Josey Rebelle – EssentialMix

  1. Really not a fan of this at all and I’m giving up after the first hour so apologies if the 2nd half is brilliant. The mix struggles to maintain any real flow, the track selection is poor and the tempo changes far too regularly. Track mixing is somewhat adept but if the two tracks you’re mixing don’t blend it doesn’t really matter how great your mixing is. My only compliment I can truly give it is that on rare occasions it offers interesting isolated breaks (eg. 35-38 min). 1 star.

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