2019-03-23 – Test Pilot / deadmau5 – EssentialMix

Play radio one essentialmix (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 23/03/2019 mixed by Test Pilot / deadmau5

Joel Zimmerman delivers a brand new Essential Mix for 2019, showcasing his Test Pilot and deadmau5 monikers.

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2019-03-23 – Test Pilot / deadmau5 – EssentialMix

Track Listings…

deadmau5 – Polyphobia (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Monophobia (Vocal)(MAU5TRAP)

Nic Fanciulli – Understand (SAVED RECORDS)

Pierre Blanche – Ares (Veldt Vocal) (DAVOTAB)

Pig&Dan – Lost

Architectural – Cubismo 8.3 (ARCHITECTURAL)

deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Accapella) (MAU5TRAP)

Enrico Sangiuliano – Symbiosis (DRUMCODE)

Cosmic Boys – Minotaur (LEGEND)

deadmau5 – Imaginary Friends (MAU5TRAP)

Artbat – Planeta (DYNAMIC)

Mau5 – Avarita (MAU5TRAP)

Tony Rohr & Layton Giordani – Careless Suggestions (PHOBIQ)

Inner Membranne – Lucy Rose (EAUZ)

Julian Jeweil – Transmission (DRUMCODE)

deadmau5 – Where My Keys (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Maths (Cobra Effect Mix) (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Moar GnS (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (MAU5TRAP)

Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld – Systematika (SYSTEMATIC RECORDINGS)

deadmau5 – Aseed (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Midas Heel (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Satrn (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Coasted (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Polaris (MAU5TRAP)

deadmau5 – Strobe (MAU5TRAP)

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