2021-02-06 – Ikonika – Essential Mix Stream, Download & Tracklist

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 06/02/2021 mixed by Ikonika.

The Hyperdub mainstay takes control of the Essential Mix decks, dropping two hours of future beats incorporating techno, drill, dancehall, grime, garage and gqom.

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2021-02-06 – Ikonika – Essential Mix Stream, Download & Tracklist

Track Listings…

European 305 & DJ PaperCuts – Five Alive
V-MelodicSoul – Haibo Melodic (Late Night Mix)
Micsir SA – Long Story (Mpower Mix)
Apple – Picky Head
Vigro Deep – Ghost Producer
Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Sithi Sithi (feat. Mr JazziQ & Busta 929)
Scotti Dee – RIA
VRSYJNES – Come On, Work it!
BusyFingers – Lexi Riddim
Swing Ting & Kiyano – Bubblegum (Ikonika Remix)
Aryu Jassika & Bujin – Miss Madam Flesh Eater
Girl Unit – slave4urmx
Citizen Boy – Gijima
Ikonika – Kicks Count
Mxshi Mo & Scratchclart – Afrotek
Markus Mann – I’m Losing
OSSX – Don’t Care, Didn’t Ask
Go Mike Gip – Satisfication
Leonce – Arpjam 916
Markus Mann – Perishable Movements
Ikonika – Bodied (Roller Mix)
SHE Spells Doom – Jet Black
SHE Spells Doom – Death Screen
quest?onmarc – Shadow
NKC – Shuvvin Match
Ikonika – Hollow
Unknown Artist – Unknown Title
Dave Quam – Nocturnesque
Aleksandir – I Used To Dream (Ikonika Remix)
Griffit Vigo – Drumm Hand (Griffit Vigo’s Ancestral Mix)
Bamz – Dominate
NA DJ – Mikel Loop Island
Okzharp – Mirror Mirror
Markus Mann – Self Snitching
Scratchclart – Hardbody 999
Hysterics – Liked You (feat. Kristian Hamilton)
LSDXOXO – Taking Me High
Jessy Lanza – Like Fire (Martyn Bootyspoon’s Chem Burn Remix)
Ikonika – What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About? (VIP Mix)
Ikonika – What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About? (Sumgii Remix)
Ikonika – Your Body
Mariah Carey – Breakdown (Bae Bae Edit)


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