2021-02-13 – Kelly Lee Owens – Essential Mix Stream, Download & Tracklist

Play radio one (1 fm)’s essential mix stream from 13/02/2021 mixed by Kelly Lee Owens.

Dreamy techno from the multi-talented Welsh singer, producer and songwriter. Featuring music from rRoxymore, Ross From Friends and Posthuman.

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2021-02-13 – Kelly Lee Owens – Essential Mix Stream, Download & Tracklist

Track Listings…

Daniel Avery – London Island (with Kelly Lee Owens Voice Over – Own Words)
rRoxymore – Price Of Highest Consciousness
Pell The Serp – C2. Lp1 2nd Mixdown
Eluize – Unknown Title
Mor Elian – Radical Spectacular
Prince of Denmark – Cut 02
Two Shell – Heart Piece
Headless Ghost – Swept Illusions (Dorisbirg 808 Dance Mix)
Delay Grounds – Clatter (Suze Heely Mix)
Paleman – Wax Wasp
Breaka – The Ambush
OneOneOne – Squeak
rRoxymore – Soleil Synthétique
Andrea – Hera (Original Mix)
Kelly Lee Owens – Re-Wild (Breaka Remix)
Dubrunner – Scattershot
Wax – Untitled A
Bored Lord – I Lose Myself
Ross From Friends – Burner
Doctor Jeep – Acolyte
Liluzu – Scale Libra
Zoo Look – Ravioli Ocean
Kelly Lee Owens – Let It Go (Vocal Samples)
Rod Hux – Slow
Sergie Rezza – Monte
Violet – Togetherness
Locked Groove – From Beyond
Kelly Lee Owens – Melt (Vocal Samples)
Unknown Artist – Unknown Title
Jorge B – A1
Yoshinori Hayashi – Yoshi
Person of Interest – Neurogenesis
Nudge Unit – Uncertain Past (Warehouse Schranz Mix)
Carl Lekebusch – Raita Yksi
Shinedoe – Nature Saves Us
Mike Huckaby – The Tresor Track
Ex‐Terrestrial – Mojave Skyline
Soon Come – Tygaoa
Overmono – Everything U Need
ANNA – Hidden Beauties
Tano – Rosa E Nero
Posthuman – The Depth
HVL – Night Of The Hunter
BTK – Just Another Acid Track
BTK – Brainwash
Random Alias – Sawl
Function – Disaffected
Social Compost – Softcoresoft
Sentient State – Fear Is The Mind Killer
Chevel – Bromine (Nathan Micay Deep Middle Remix)
Kelly Lee Owens – Jeanette (Haider Remix)
Huerco S. – A Sea Of Love


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