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1997-07-20 - VA - The Phoenix Festival - Essential Mix # 195

Genre - House - Tech House


Pete Tong

JDS - Nine Ways [Crosstrax]
Soundscape - Dubplate Culture [Crosstrax]
Leftfield - Space Shanty [Higher Ground]
Deepsky - Tempest [Deepsky]
DBA - 3-D (Revelation Mix)
POB Feat. X-Avia - The Awakening [Platipus]

Orbital [Live PA]

Orbital - Remind [FFRR]
Orbital - Choice [FFRR]
Orbital - The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair [FFRR]
Orbital - The Box [FFRR]
Orbital - The Saint [FFRR]
Orbital - Petrol [FFRR]
Orbital - Satan [FFRR]
Orbital - Halycon [FFRR]
Orbital - Impact [FFRR]
Orbital - Chime [FFRR]

Bently Rhythm Ace [Live PA]

Bently Rhythm Ace - Run On The Spot [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Why Is A Frog Too [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Who Put The Bom… In The Bom Bom Diddleyebom [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Bently's Gonna Sort You Out [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Someone To Keep Your Sandwiches In [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Spacehopper [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Whoosh [Parlophone]
Bently Rhythm Ace - Midlander [Parlophone]

Seb Fontaine

Moonchild - Variations On A Theme [East West]
Puncher - The Wall [Yeti]
Niagra - Cloudburst [Free Flow]
Gisele Jackson - Love Commandments (Loop Da Loop Dub) [Manifesto]
Nu Birth - Any Time [XL]
TR Junior - Don't Try And Hide [Praha Test Pressing]
Automatic - Continuous Cool [Strictly Rhythm]
Red 5 - I Love You…Stop! (PowerPlant 'Swallow This' Mix) [Multiply]
Underworld - Cow Girl [Junior Boys Own]
Sourmash - Pilgrimage To Paradise (Original Barrel Beat Mix) [Prolekult]
Mory Kanté - Mogo Djolo (Dub Instrumental Mix) [Going Global]

  • Praxis Feat. Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar) (Acapella)
    16C+ - Timerunner [Low Sense]
    Global Trance Mission - Dream Mission (Fontaine & Vern Remix) [Spot On]
    Spirito - Frontiers (Power Plant Mix) [Kool World]
    Y Traxx - Mystery Land [FFRR]
    Leftfield - Cut For Life [Higher Ground]
    Hey rude boy

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1997-07-20 - VA - The Phoenix Festival - Essential Mix.mp3Download
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