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1998-02-01 - Freddy Fresh - Essential Mix # 225

Genre - Electronic, Hip Hop


Hidden Rhythm - "Site Back, Relax" (Nugroove)
Hidden Rhythm - "Masked Man" (Butterbeat)
Hidden Rhythm - "The All Star Master" (Butterbeat)
Warp 9 - "Nunk" (Prisim)
C.O.D. - "In The Bottle" (Emergency)
Nairobi - "Funky Makoosa" (Streetwise)
Book Of Love - "Modigliani" (Sire)
Mann Parrish - "Techno Trax" (Rame Horn)
Mann Parrish - "Boogie Down Bronx" (Superscoop)
Freddie Fresh meets Fat Boy Slim - "Sound Of Milwaukee" (Skint)
Nitro Deluxe - "Mental Transformation" (Cutting)
Anthony Rother - "Sex With Machines" (Kamslerant)
Koto - "Visitors" (Memory)
Nancy Martin - "Can't Believe" (Atlantic)
MFSB - "Love Is The Message/Love Break" (CBS)
Facination - "Don't You Think It's Time" (Vinyl Mania)
Jive Rhythm Trax - "untitled" (Jive/Arista)
Radio - "Fest Outdoor In Humacou Puerto Rico" (DJ Steffan)
Frederico Fresh meets Freska All Stars - "Bedroom Breaks" (white label)
DJ Louie Lou - "Bronx Scratch Mix" (white label)
Lil' - "Jazzy Jay and Cool Supreme" (B Boy Style)
Fantasy 3 - "It's Your Rock" (Specific)
Dougy Boys - "Fly Guy" (Capitol)
Bad Boys - "K-Love" (Gadgets)
Invisible Man - "149th Street Groove" (Butterbeat)
Freddie Fresh - "Da Bird" (Butterbeat)
Freddie Fresh - "Bonus Beats" (Analog)
Information Society - "Running" (Wide Angle)
Mona Love - "My Hearts Get All The Breaks" (Ligosa)
artist uknown - "Acappella VD1" (white label)
Soul Sonic Force - "Planet Rock" (Tommy Boy)
Kraftwerk - "Nummern" (Kling Klang)
Queen - "The Prophet Song" (Elektra B)
C.O.D. - "In The Bottle" (Emergency)
Mann Parrish - "Hip-Hop Be-Bop" (Ram's Horn)
Korean Children's Chior - "Chunan Samkuri" (Urania)
B Boys - "Girls" (Vintertainment)
Just Four - "Games Of Life" (Express)
Majestic Prod. - "Drop Method" (Majestic Control)
M.C. Shan - "Beat Biter" (Bridge)
Marly Marl - "Marly Marl Scratch" (NIA)
Super Kids - "The Tragedy" (NIA)
DJ Phantom - "B Boy Break" (Phantom)
Keymatics - "Breaking In Space" (Radar)
Imagination - "State Of Love" (Elektra)
MC Hollywood - "Hollywood's World" (Abdull-Akbar)
Jimmy Spider - "Super Rhyme" (Dazz)
Crash Crew - "On The Radio" (Bay City)
Disco 4 - "We're At The Party" (Profile)
Earth People - "Dance" (Apexton)
Innercity - "Groovin' Without A Doubt" (KMS)
Carl Craig - "My Machines" (Planet E)
Future Sound Of Detriot - "untitled" (white label)
Freddy Fresh and Friend - "Misc Sound Effects"
Aphex Twin - "Phloam" (R & S)
Renegade Soundwave - "The Phantom" (Mute)
Aphex Twin - "Dodecca-Heedron" (R & S)
Aphex Twin - "Digeridoo" (R & S)
Aphex Twin - "Isoprophlex" (R & S)
Aphex Twin - "Phloam" (R & S)
Aphex Twin - "Quoth" (Warp)
Marcus Salon - "Room To Move" (TZ)
Subhead 02 - "untitled" (white label)
Jeff Mills - "Thera EP" (Axis)
P.C.P. - "The Move" (R & S)
Joey Beltram - "Energy Flash" (R & S)
Air Liquid - "If Ther Was No Gravity" (Rising High)
Auto Kinetic - "Googleplex" (Electric Music Foundation)
DJ Slip - "Fall Of Jupiter" (Parotic)
Aphex Twin - "Polygon Window" (Warp)
Joey Jupiter - "Vibe Tribe" (Trick)
Mental Overdrive - "Theme Of St. Baffa" (R & S)
J.V.C. Force - "Stong Island" (B-Boy)
Schooly D - "P.S.K." (Schooly D)
Eric B - "My Melody" (Zakia)
Dimples D - "Suckapella" (Party Time)
Z-3 MCs - "Triple Threat" (Beauty And Beat)
Master OC and Crazy Eddie - "Masters Of Scratch" (Next Plateu)
Birdsong and Dugout Boys - "The Sucker MC's" (Singh)
Troy The Wonderboy And Electric One-Thousand - "Boo Amazing Wonderboy" (Boos Beat-Cobbler Mary Hill Music)
Burtis Blow - "AJ Scratch" (Mercury)
Spoonie Gee - "Love Rap" (Njoy)
Majestic MC's - "Bite On The Duke" (Lemon Twist)
KAOS - "Crank Up The Bass - Hobo Scratch" (Island)
Jazzy Jay - "Cold Chillin' In The Spot" (Def Jam)
Art Of Noise - "Beat Box II" (ZTI)
Malcolm McLaren - "World Famous" (Island)
Kurtis Blow - "Starlife" (Mercury)
Kurtis Blow - "Do The Do" (Mercury)
Syl Johnson - "Different Strokes" (7" white label)
Pumpkin - "Here Comes That Beat" (Profile)
Stady Lattisaw - "Attack Of The Name Game" (Cottillion)
M.C.B. - "It's Your Scratch" (Sunnyview)
Treacherous 3 - "Get Up!" (Sugar Hill)
Malcolm McLaren - "Madam Butterfly" (Carisma)

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1998-02-01 - Freddy Fresh - Essential Mix.mp3Download
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