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1998-09-20 - Carl Cox - Love Parade - France - Essential Mix # 256

Genre - Progressive - Trance


DJ Dilema - "Bang Out Of Order" (white label)
Club Sandwich - "Music" (white label)
Dutch Liquid - "Scream" (STW)
Skinny Pink - "Last Train To Kings Cross" (Positiva)
The Subjective - "Comin Thru" (Rotation)
Night On Earth - "Techno Trousers" (BNW)
Samuel Onervas - "Inter Primate Express" (Primate)
12" Monkeys - "Sixax" (Monkey II)
Stretch & Vern presents Michel Lombert - "Vive Le Disceaux" (white label)
Claude Young - "Inskripshun" (D Jax)
Chris Leibing - "No Time To Waste" (Primate)
Circulation - "Red" (white label)
DJ Deeon - "Funk City" (white label)
Fruit Loop - "Here Comes That Dub" (Tripoli Trax)
Housewerk - "Turn It Up" (Tag)
Thomas Shumacher - "When I Rock" (Bush)
Headlock - "Wind Up" (Fierce)
Hataru Kashida - "Change" (Bush)
Funk O' Yolo - "Lucky Strike" (Soma)
Devil Fish - "Pressure EP" (Bush)
Craig Walsh - "untitled" (Rotation)
Steve Poindexter - "Demolition Man" (D Jax Upbeats)
Devil Fish - "Touch Of Evil" (Bush)
Melrob - "Sychronicity" (Primate)
Puento Latino - "Coming Back EP" (white label)
Steve Stoll - "El Dopa" (Pro Pernye)
Wamdue Project - "Where Do We Go" (Strictly Rhythm)
D. Funkt - "Bang Bang" (Direct Styles)
Dutch Liquid - "Funk - E" (STW)
Laid Back Luke - "Mirage" (Rotation)
Fetzan - "Mirs" (Cyber)

Alternate Tracklist

No Name DJ Dilemma - Bang!! Out Of Order [Not On Label]
Sound Associates - Music [Tortured]
Dutch Liquid - Funk-E [STW]
Skinky Pink - Last Train To Kings Cross (Rhythm Masters No Stops Mix) [Positiva]
The Subjective - Comin Thru [Rotation]
Night On Earth - Techno Trousers [BNW]
Samuel Onervas - Helium [Primate]
Commander Tom - Sixax [12 Inch Monkeys]
Mitch Winthrop - Untitled (A1) [Aquarius Recordings - DISCO 15]
Stretch & Vern - Michel Lombért [Spot On Records]
Claude Young - Inskripshun [Djax-Up-Beats 299]
Chris Liebing - No Time To Waste [Primate]
Circulation - Untitled (A1) [Circulation - CMP 004]
DJ Deeon - Akceier 8 (Lemon8 Retro Mix) [Basic Beat Recordings]
Fruitloop - Here Comes That Sound (Dub Mix) [Tripoli Trax]
Housewerk - Turn It Up [Tag]
Thomas Schumacher - When I Rock (Johannes Heil Remix) [Bush]
Headlock - Wind Up (Jamie Anderson Remix) [Fierce!]
Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise [Bush]
Funk D'Void - Lucky Strike (Funk's 98 Mix) [Soma]
Devilfish - Deranged [Bush]
Craig Walsh - C.C.C.P. [Tortured]
Chris Liebing - Chord Dive [Energy Industries]
Steve Poindexter - Demolition [Djax-Up-Beats]
Devil Fish - Horny Bitch [Bush]
Melrob - Synchronicity [Primate]
Puento Latino - Takes U There [Primevil]
John Braine - Trontsephora (Funk D'Void Remix) [Headspace]
Steve Stoll - Wearing Down [Proper NYC]
Wamdue Project - Where Do We Go? (WYCA Men Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
D. Funkt - Wave Guide [Direct Styles]
Dutch Liquid - Scream [STW]
Chris Liebing - Dandu Groove [Fine Audio]
Laidback Luke - Spraypaint Audio [Rotation - 98014]
Fetzan - Miks (Stef's Mix) [Cyber]

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1998-09-20 - Carl Cox - Love Parade - France - Essential Mix.mp3Download
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