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1998-11-08 - Dope Smugglaz - Essential Mix # 263

Genre - House


Various - "The Scene" (Capitol)
Dope Smugglaz - "Radio" (Perfecto)
Mad Professor - "Action Radio" (Mazaruni)
Jimi Hendrix - "Star Spangled Banner" (Atlantic)
Dope Smugglaz - "Rule Britannia" (Perfecto)
artist unknown - "Alpha Dance 2" (white label)
Roy Davis Jnr - "Rock Shock [Bangalter Mix]" (Roule)
Marshall Jefferson - "House Music [Dope Mix]" (white label)
Moneyshot - "Funky Music" (Echo)
Moneyshot - "Funky Music [Dope Mix]" (Echo)
Dope Smugglaz - "Janis" (Perfecto)
Saint Ettienne - "Filthy" (Creation)
Dope Smugglaz - "Umbrella Heads" (white label)
Fox - "S-S-S Single Bead" (GTO)
Dope Smugglaz - "One For The Ladies" (Perfecto)
Dope Smugglaz - "The Word" (Perfecto)
Human League - "Hard Times [Martin Rushent Mix]" (Virgin)
Daft Punk - "Burnin" (Virgin)
The Tamperer - "If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better [Dope Mix]" (Pepper)
La Yellow 357 - "The Trailer" (Yellow/East West)
John Miles - "Music" (Decca)
Harry Thumann - Underwater
Le Knight Club - "Santa Claus" (Crydamoure)
Le Knight Club - "Santa Claus [Paul Johnson Mix]" (Crydamoure)
Alan Braxe - "Vertigo" (Roule)
I:Cube - "Picnic Attack" (Versatile)
Fuzz Townshend - "Smash It [Dope Mix]" (Echo)
Richard Burton - "Hamlet" (Columbia)
Fatboy Slim - "How Can You Hear Us?" (Astralwerks)
Johnny Pearson & Orchestra - "The Rat Catchers" (EMI)
Scott Grooves - "Mothership Reconnection [Daft Punk Mix]" (Soma)
Electric Prunes - "Vox Wah Advert" (white label)
artist unknown - "Intro" (white label)
Love Unlimited Orchestra - "Sweet Summer Suite" (white label)
Electra - "Jibaro [Dope Mix]" (ffrr/London)
Finitribe - "Mind My Make-Up [Dope Mix]" (Infectious)
Choir Of New College - "Agnus Dei" (Erato/Warners)
The Noveltones - "Left Bank 2" (De Wolfe Ltd)
The Beatles - "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band [Reprise]" (Parlophone)
Dope Sumgglaz - "We'd Love To Take You Home" (Perfecto)
Sir George Martin - "Theme One" (EMI)
Jimi Hendrix - "Radio One Theme" (BBC/Castle)

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1998-11-08 - Dope Smugglaz - Essential Mix.mp3Download
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