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1998-12-20 - Carl Cox - Club Colloseum - St. Austel - Cornwall - Essential Mix # 269

Genre - House - Progressive - Trance - Techno


Conga Squad - "After Hours" (Rotating Speaker)
A Small Fat One - "Music For Pushcrhairs" (Very Limited)
Papson Movement - "Peace, Love & Music" (Echantillion)
Tornohiro Naamura & Satori Orihako - "Route 4" (Rotation)
Sound Associates - "Music" (Tortured)
Chopper - "Seven Hours In A Bathroom" (Neo)
Cevin Fish - "The Freaks Come Out" (Subversive)
Underworld - "King Of The Snake" (Junior Boys Own)
Langston Hugg - "High On High" (Boo)
Mark NRG - "House Music" (Tripoli)
DJ Dan Presents - "Needle Damage" (Moonshine)
Conga Squad - "Liquid Earth" (Rotating Speaker)
Astrid B & JP - "Green Glow" (Bush)
Plastika - "Disco Dancing" (ffrr)
Jou Cardwell - "Soul To Bare" (Tetsuo)
Cal Q Later - "Can We Go Now" (MFS)
Chemical Brothers - "Automatic" (Strictly Rhythm)
DJ Stew - "Insomnia Bootleg" (Funky Fresh)
Frankie Bones - "Ghetto Technics 8" (Bush)
Dave Clarke - "Red 2" (white label)
The Vega E.P. - "Message From Vega" (white label)
Ruff Driverz - "Driverz Dub" (Inferno)
Underworld - "Kittens" (Junior Boys Own)
Future Primitve - "The Future" (Groovilicious)
Ind.ex - "Independent Experiment EP" (Template)
Marco Bailey - "Sweetbox" (Lightning)
Fruitloop - "Konda Wants A Man" (Tripoli Trax)

Alternate Tracklist

Conga Squad - After Hours [Rotating Speaker]
A Small Phat One - Music For Pushchairs [Very Limited]
Papson Movement - You Like This Groove (Groove Mix) [Basic Traxx]
7th Gate - Route 4 (Ian Pooley's Fierce Mix) [Rotation]
Sound Associates - Music [Tortured]
Phocus - Rock The Jam (Mark Van Dale & Enrico Remix) [Mantra Vibes]
The Vectif vs. The M Experience - The Tunnel (The Vectif Remix) [Spectron]
Chopper - Seven Hours In A Bathroom (Instrumental Mix) [Neo]
Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks At Trade Mix) [Subversive]
Underworld - King Of Snake [Junior Boys Own]
Langston Hugg - High On High [Boo]
Mark NRG - House Music (DAX Remix) [Tripoli Trax]
DJ Dan presents Needle Damage - That Zipper Track (Needle Dubbage Mix) [Moonshine]
Conga Squad - Live At K-Market [Rotating Speaker]
The Vectif vs. The M Experience - Stimulax [Spectron]
Astrid B & JP - Green Glow (Devilfish Mix) [Bush]
Plastika - Disco Dancing (Original Club Divine Mix) [FFRR]
Joi Cardwell - Soul To Bare (Alex Butcher Remix) [Tetsuo]
Cal-Q-Lator - Can We Go Now [MFS]
The Chemical Brothers - Battle Weapon 4 [Freestyle Dust]
Ben Sims - Remanipulator [Primate]
Continuous Cool - Automatic [Strictly Rhythm]
DJ Stew - Insomnia Bootleg [Funky Fresh]
Frankie Bones - Ghetto Technics 8 (B1) [Ghetto Technics]
Dave Clarke - Wisdom to the Wise [Bush]
Chump - Message From Vega [Tag Records]
Ruff Driverz - Shame (Red Jerry Dub) [Inferno]
Underworld - Kittens [Junior Boys Own]
Future Primitve - The Future (Main Mix) [Groovilicious]
Ind.ex - Chemisphere [Template]
Tenth Chapter - Prologue (Continuous Cool Mix) [Cyber Records]

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1998-12-20 - Carl Cox - Club Colloseum - St. Austel - Cornwall - Essential Mix.mp3Download
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